Old LeBron James Tweet Going Viral On Michael Jordan Birthday

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James idolized Michael Jordan as a young boy. The Chicago Bulls legend celebrates his 58th birthday today. Someone thought it would be nice to dig up some old tweets. Believe it or not, LeBron wrote a tweet to wish Jordan a really happy birthday.

Someone came across a nine-year-old tweet from the king of basketball.

In 2021, LeBron was in his second season with Dwyane Wade and the Heat. Miami was 23-7 and had an impeccable game. LeBron was on one of the best teams in the league. However, LeBron was also coming off a terrible Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks the season before. He was 2-0 in championship series.

LeBron wrote a tweet to wish Jordan a happy birthday

LeBron has nothing but respect for Jordan. He admires the Bulls legend. It’s interesting to note that the GOAT debate revolves around LeBron and MJ.

“Happy B-day to the person I idolized and wanna be just like as a kid playing the game of basketball Michael Jordan #TheGOAT,” LeBron wrote in 2012.

LeBron is in his third season with the Los Angeles Lakers. His debut with the team was horrible, and the king of basketball missed 17 games due to his groin injury. Young Lakers players missed the chance to make the playoffs. Playing without their leader was really hard.

Things changed in 2020. LA brought Anthony Davis in order to increase the team’s chances to win a championship. That’s exactly what happened. Lakers players looked really good despite the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA suspended the season for a few months and players had to finish their games inside a bubble. LeBron and his teammates made the playoffs and won the title after beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

King James is on his way to make the playoffs again. He has a really good chance to win his fifth ring. LA is dealing with a big problem right now. Davis will miss a few games due to his injuries and LeBron will have to carry the team on his back. He receives great help from his teammates though.