Patriots Coaching Legend Says Rumored Quarterback Target Has the ‘It’ Factor

The New England Patriots have to find a reliable quarterback target this offseason. The team has the No. 15 pick in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick has a few major options at the moment. The draft is almost here, and NFL teams have multiple holes to fill.

New England has been linked with several quarterbacks, including Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. Maybe they will go after Jimmy Garoppolo from the San Francisco 49ers. Will they try to get Jameis Winston or Mitchell Trubisky? Yes, even Cam Newton may be an option for the legendary coach.

Patriots have a challenging quarterback target

Charlie Weis has an idea. Mac Jones.

Weis went on Sirius XM radio, saying Jones has the “it” factor.

“What are the two most important components of a star quarterback? They have the ‘it’ factor. And they’re accurate. That’s who he was.”

Weiss discussed Alabama’s situation.

“You talk about being around good players. Yeah, he was around good players. But playing on a team with a bunch of stars, who is the leader of the offense? He also had to make all those throws. I think the kid is an excellent quarterback. He has less holes than just about anybody.”

Jones isn’t as athletic as Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State’s Justin Fields, BYU’s Zach Wilson, or North Dakota State’s Trey Lance, but he has great plays.

“If you’re looking for a guy that’s going to be running for 30 yards on a regular basis, that’s not your guy. But he can move in the pocket, and from the pocket, and run the ball when he absolutely needs to. When you talk about Trevor Lawrence, what makes him so special is that he can do everything Mac Jones can and he’s athletic. [Justin] Fields, really good player. Zach Wilson, really good player. The kid from North Dakota State [Trey Lance], really good player. But this guy, [Jones], he’s the one making all the plays. All he does is win and throw completions.”

According to Weis, Jones is similar to Drew Brees.

“He [Brees] went in the second round because everyone said, ‘He doesn’t take any snaps under center and his arm is not strong enough.’ All he did was play great at Purdue, and complete almost every pass. How has that worked out?”