Rich Paul Has Concerning Anthony Davis Directive for Lakers

Rich Paul follows the Los Angeles Lakers and the situation revolving around Anthony Davis. The Lakers big man will miss some time on the floor and he will have to rest and recover. LA plays really safe with the Laker, and the superstar will have to stay on the sidelines for a long time. According to recent reports, Davis won’t return after the All-Star weekend.

Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins revealed that Rich Paul will play safe with Davis.

“Rich Paul called me this morning, Stephen A. [Smith], and he told me to make it very, very clear that no one and nobody is going to rush Anthony Davis back, and his health is first,” Perkins said on ESPN’s Stephen A’s World. “He even said that if it’s leading up to the first or second week going into the postseason of [AD’s return], then so be it. That’s how long Anthony Davis could be out.”

The playoffs will probably start in late May. If AD sits out for this long, the Lakers will have to find a replacement. Do they have a backup plan? Staying outside for too long will definitely affect Davis’ performance.

Rich Paul plays safe with Anthony Davis

LeBron is 36. This makes things really hard for the team. Well, not really. The Lakers superstar plays his best basketball. Moreover, he has already been in similar situations. LeBron has finished regular seasons all by himself after losing star teammates to injuries. Will he be able to do the same at 36?

LeBron will do his thing and his experience will help the team win more games. He has already won games without Davis. He has been here before. But, LA took three games in overtime, and NBA experts are sort of worried. Davis had a slow start to the regular season.

If Davis stays out for most of the regular season, then the team should consider adding enough help to replace him. They can’t replace Davis, but they can add Blake Griffin and other similar players.