Skip Bayless Admits LeBron James Has Eclipsed Michael Jordan in One Distinct Category

The GOAT debate has been making headlines for quite some time. Some say LeBron James is the greatest of all time. Others support Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Skip Bayless belongs to the second group, but he stands by LeBron James in one particular category.

The debate between the Los Angeles Lakers superstar and MJ for the ttle of the greatest of all time has been keeping busy for two decades. Yes, LeBron is in his 18th NBA season and he keeps doing his thing. LeBron plays elite basketball and everyone knows it. Is he better than LeBron? Bayless doesn’t think so. But he sure believes that LeBron is better than MJ in one particular category.

Skip Bayless stands with LeBron James

The Fox Sports analyst talked about this on “Undisputed.” He has sided with MJ in the GOAT debate, but praised LeBron for his off-court success.

“I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for what LeBron has accomplished off the court. It’s staggering to me. He shattered the mold, he blazed trails, nobody has blazed. That’s a figure, that $1 billion. He has eclipsed Michael Jordan off the court.

“Michael invented, created the sneaker industry — he is the sneaker industry. And there was Space Jam. That’s Michael. But LeBron went in every direction. Michael didn’t have such a vast portfolio.”

Bayless made his comments right after Forbes released a shocking report. Guess what… LeBron will surpass $1 billion in career earnings in 2021.

King James will earn $95.4 million. That’s the most by an athlete in the entire history of American sports.

LeBron is also set to become the first team sport athlete in the country to surpass $1 billion in career earnings while actively winning games. MJ hit his $1 billion in career earnings after his retirement.