Troubling Jarrett Stidham Report Reveals Dim Patriots Future for Young Quarterback

NFL experts discuss young quarterback Jarrett Stidham and his Patriots future. The 24-year-old didn’t enjoy the support of Patriots coaches. The New England Patriots will have to find a quarterback, and Stidham is still under contract with the team. However, Greg Bedard from Boston Sports Journal reported that Patriots players and coaches “didn’t trust Stidham” on the field.

“What people need to keep in mind, that Cam playing and starting … I came to learn was more about how the other players viewed Stidham, more than anything else. There was not much faith in the building (in him). And you could even see that when he got into the games and the way he conducted the huddle. For whatever reason, and I don’t know if it was the training camp injury or the offseason thing or what have you, or the way he just conducts himself. There’s not a lot of belief (in him) in that building. And there was the feeling within the team that if they turned the keys over to Stidham, that it would become a complete debacle down the stretch and that wouldn’t be good for anybody.”

Jarrett Stidham has an uncertain the Patriots future

Bedard reported that Cam Newton got the job because Patriots coaches and players didn’t trust Stidham. They didn’t think he was capable of accepting the job. This is wrong on so many levels.

The Patriots selected Stidham in 2019. Many thought he would replace Tom Brady under center. However, as Bedard wrote, the training camp injury didn’t sit well with Patriots coaches and players.

Stidham didn’t develop well. Newton had a rough 2020 season. N’Keal Harry had a slow start to the season, too.

Maybe Stidham had a chance to start games for the Patriots in 2020. Had he been healthy, Belichick wouldn’t have to look for a quarterback now.

The Patriots will have to make a really big decision this offseason. Belichick is confident about his roster. He has a few ideas regarding his quarterback position. Will Stidham back up Cam Newton in 2021? Will he work with another veteran?