Watch: Cam Newton Posts Response to Viral Heckling Video on Instagram

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton shared his response to a viral heckling of the disrespectful teenager who assaulted him at Newton’s 7-on-7 camp.

There’s almost zero chance for this kid to become a star one day. Many agree that he would probably end up being a walking locker room cancer. Maybe things will change for him. Maybe not.

The video is now viral, and Newton shared his video after the initial assault. The 2015 NFL MVP is trying to speak to the kid. Sadly, the kid found it hilarious and made things worse. Well, he put himself into an awkward situation. Wonder why? Pretty much everyone supports Newton.

Newton has cameras watching his back all the time. People follow every move he makes. This man is a legend, and people are really into his private life. Doubters are still looking for a mistake, and Newton decided to teach everyone a lesson. The quarterback made sure the world saw the end of the “convo” with the young man.

Newton showed restraint at the beginning. He even tried to have a real conversation with the young man. Well, the kid didn’t deserve a word from him. Let’s not forget that Newton is one of the most open and accessible athletes. However, some people are still trying to make him look bad.

Athletes support Cam Newton amid viral heckling

Current and former professional athletes took notice of Newton’s videos. This probably led to th eresponse he shared online.

Pro basketball player Tymell Murphy shared an amazing take of the situation.

Adults should have taken action. Maybe they should have kicked the kid off the team. Being a professional player means showing great physical ability, discipline, and understanding. This kid knows no boundaries.

Newton will keep doing his thing. He is aiming towards higher heights and we can’t wait to see what happens next in his career.

The New England Patriots have yet to make a decision on Newton’s situation. Head coach Bill Belichick likes the veteran and he may give Newton a second chance. This time he should pack him with enough weapons.