Watch: Cam Newton Shows Restraint While Kid Verbally Assaults Him

New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton surprised everyone with his attitude towards a young kid.

The veteran owns and operates his very own 7-on-7 youth football team. This past week at camp, Newton was attending one of the games. At one point, he was patrolling the sidelines, and a little guy decided to tease him. Can you imagine big Newton being heckled by a teenager?

The boy was in his early teens. He insulted Newton and used some pretty strong words. The kid didn’t stop referring to him as a “free agent.”

Newton first fed into some of the negative comments and said, “but I’m rich.” Well, he caught himself and changed his approach.

“Where’s your father? Let me speak to your dad,” he said.

The teenager knew the quarterback wouldn’t touch him. In other words, he took advantage of the position. It was a rather unfortunate incident and this young man showed ultimate disrespect. It was disgusting. Hopefully, his parents will try to correct his terrible character. He will have to learn a few things about life.

Cam Newton has had issues with another disrespectful kid

In 2016, right after Newton and the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos, a teenager heckled Newton on the sidelines. It was a similar situation.

Well, Newton has matured enough and his response is much better now. We believe he will stop responding to kids and going down to their level. There’s nothing great about this. Sadly, some young kids always choose the wrong way to do things.

It’s interesting to note that being a free agent is not a terrible thing. Players usually get their best deals in free agency.

Newton is coming off a bad season. However, some say head coach Bill Belichick will re-sign him to another deal. Even if Newton doesn’t sign with the Patriots, it’s highly doubtful he will be without a deal. Maybe he could join the Washington Football team.

Newton has made about $130 million in his football career. He earns millions from his endorsements. Yes, he is rich. Simple as that. He is a man with self-control, and that’s the only thing that matters now.