Bill Belichick Reportedly In Support Of Radical Overtime Change

The New England Patriots have to make several big decisions in the offseason. However, head coach Bill Belichick is busy making other decisions and he also spoke his mind on the radical overtime change.

According to recent sources, the Patriots head coach supports the proposed rule change.

The Baltimore Ravens plan to propose a “spot and choose” overtime format. This format is pretty different from what the league uses at the moment. According to this rule change, the overtime coin toss would only determine which team gets the right to pick the spot of the ball and which end zone to defend.

“If the one team picks, for example, the offense’s own 20-yard line, the opponent would then choose whether to play offense from their own 20 or to play defense, with the other team having the ball on its own 20,” Pro Football Talk’s  Mike Florio wrote earlier today.

Bill Belichick supports the radical overtime change

Florio reported that the Ravens are set to make two proposals. One of these “would call for the new overtime format to be conducted in sudden death.” The Patriots head coach prefers the other alternative.

“Under the other proposal (favored, we’re told, by Patriots coach Bill Belichick), the game would continue for another seven minutes and 30 seconds, without a sudden-death component,” Florio said.

The league has changed the overtime rules. Making other changes is definitely a possibility. This would be a big switch, but the proposal triggered a lot of great commentaries.

Seeing Belichick support the big move sure means a thing. Belichick has a big say in the NFL, and other coaches will follow his example.

Belichick and his team have to play really hard to make the playoffs in 2021. They missed the big game in 2020 and things didn’t go well for starting quarterback Cam Newton. The Patriots need to pick several big names and fill up the holes on their current roster. Franchise quarterback, linebackers, tight ends, wide receivers… They need it all and maybe even more.