Lakers Interested in Reunion With Big Man, Prefer 2-Time All-Star

The All-Star weekend is already gone. The Los Angeles Lakers are moving on with their season. LeBron James and his teammates struggled to win the last few games. Anthony Davis missed a lot of time on the floor and he won’t return in the near future. The Lakers will give him enough time to rest and recover. LA has been linked with several players and the Lakers may be looking forward to one particular reunion.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer suggests that the team may be getting ready to get free agent DeMarcus Cousins and Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond.

“League sources say they have interest in free agent DeMarcus Cousins, but Drummond is their preference if he gets bought out,” O’Connor wrote. “Drummond has been benched while the [Cleveland] Cavaliers seek a trade, but there’s doubt around the league that they’ll be able to find one due to his massive $28.8 million salary.”

LA Lakers looking forward to a reunion

Cousins spent some time with the Lakers, but didn’t get the chance to play with the team. The Houston Rockets let him go last month. He is a free agent right now.

The Lakers may not trade for Drummon unless they plan to ship LeBron to back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the All-Star player is out through a buyout, LA will have the chance to get him.

Marc Stein reported that Drummond would love to join Frank Vogel’s team.

“There is optimism within the Lakers that they will get strong consideration from Andre Drummond if Drummond ultimately leaves the Cavaliers via buyout, league sources say. Cleveland’s preference, of course, remains trading Drummond elsewhere before the March 25 trade deadline.”

Getting Drummond is a big move. They may send Marc Gasol to the bench and change the rotation. Gasol is a star but he is averaging 4.8 points for the Lakers. This is his career low.

Blake Griffin is no longer on the market. The veteran was bought out by the Detroit Pistons and entered free agency Sunday. LA didn’t even had a chance to get him as he signed a deal with the Brooklyn Nets.