Lakers Involved in Trade Talks for Guard, ‘Big Play’ Is to Land All-Star

The Los Angeles Lakers will play without LeBron James and Anthony Davis for quite some time. The team has to make a move and change the gameplan. Playing without both superstars will be really hard, but the Lakers are already into trade talks for an All-Star.

The trade deadline is in a couple of days. LA wasn’t supposed to make a move, but LeBron’s ankle injury changed everything. It looks like Rob Pelinka will have to make a move.

Brian Windhorst from ESPN reported that the Lakers have been looking around the NBA to sign a guard. Andre Drummond is their top target at the moment.

“The Lakers have been involved in some talks for a guard,” Windhorst said. “Their big play is if Andre Drummond gets bought out from the Cleveland Cavaliers. They’re hoping to be at the front of the line to get Andre Drummond. It’s not going to help in the short term with their ball-handling but could help their scoring if [LeBron James] and [Anthony Davis] are out for a while.”

Lakers to have success in their trade talks

We have been hearing a lot about Drummond lately. Many experts have linked the veteran to the Lakers. The franchise could use his scoring boost. Guard help? Why not. Pelinka needs to sign another player who can run the offense when Dennis Schroder is out.

How will the Lakers handle the trade deadline? If they are worried about LeBron, they could go for a big player. Victor Oladipo, Kyle Lowry… Each of these signings is followed by major obstacles.

LA can still add “temporary fixes” such as Isaiah Thomas. He hasn’t played for quite some time but he was one of the best guards in the NBA.

“The Cavaliers have had trade talks with the Mavericks involving Andre Drummond,” O’Connor reported. “Toronto [Raptors] also retains interest in Drummond, while the Lakers and [Brooklyn] Nets will be potential destinations if he gets bought out. Cleveland is seeking a second-round pick, or more if a long-term salary is included.”