Lakers Linked to Hornets Sharpshooter in Latest Trade Speculation

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to upgrade their roster in order to defend the title. The team has been linked with several top players, including a couple of All-Stars. Who is the next to join the Lakers? There are too many stories about the Lakers, and they are involved in another trade speculation

The Lakers are shooting 35.1% from three and rank 24th in the league. They may beed to add a big man given that JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard play with different teams. Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley says that Charlotte Hornets guard Devonte Graham may be the best fit for the team.

“[The Lakers] need more three-point splashes, and the 6’1″ guard has averaged 3.3 long-range makes at a 36.6 percent clip since the start of 2019-20. They also need some non-LeBron James options in the half-court, and Graham aces the tightrope walk of creating shots (7.0 assists per game over that stretch) while taking control of the basketball (2.5). Graham might be available, too. That’s solely speculation, but with LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward in Buzz City, Charlotte has (understandably) limited the 26-year-old’s opportunities, and that trend seems destined to continue going forward.”

In the 2019-20 NBA season, Graham looked like the perfect star player for the Hornets. He was averaging 18 points per game and shot more than 37% from three. LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward joined the team and Graham’s production noticed a big deep. The veteran dropped to 13.7 points per game and hits about 35% of his threes. His terrible field goal percentage is also an issue. Graham is shooting 37% from the field in his career.

Lakers get involved in another trade speculation

Buckley also mentioned George Hill as a potential fit for the Purple and Gold.

“Hill can handle either guard post at both ends of the floor. He can lead an offense in spurts, but he’s best off the ball as a catch-and-launch sniper (career 38.4 percent from range), which is exactly where the Lakers would need him given how much their offense runs through James and Davis.”

The Lakers have to make a decision. There are a few major options for the front office.