LeBron James Tweets About His Status After Latest Injury News

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James suffered an injury in the game against the Atlanta Hawks, and you may not like the most recent news.

Seeing LeBron twist his ankle gave us a heart attack. It was a scary moment for the king of basketball. He walked in pain and didn’t need any assistance. The Lakers superstar returned to the floor to hit another 3-pointer, but he had to leave. It was a final decision and LeBron didn’t return to the floor.

Adrian Wojnarowski was among the first to report on LeBron’s injury. According to initial reports, the 17-time All-Star had suffered a high ankle sprain.

Will LeBron miss a lot of time? Will this injury keep him on the sidelines for too long? One thing stands for sure. This was the worst timing ever. The Lakers depend on LeBron’s dominance. Anthony Davis is already out. He’s been out for over a month and there’s no update on his return date.

LeBron James is worried about his injury and the news are bad

LeBron was having an MVP season. He is averaging 25.8 points, 8 assists, and 8.1 rebounds. The kid from Akron was on a good way to snatch his MVP award.

King James took to Twitter to deliver a message for his fans and supporters. He is motivated to get better soon. But, this doesn’t change the fact that he is in pain.

“Nothing angers and saddens me more than not being available to and for my teammates,” LeBron tweeted. “I’m hurt inside and out right now. The road back from recovery begins now.”

That sprain may not be that bad, but this injury can linger. The Lakers will play without both superstars indefinitely and just the thought of this scares us.

LA lost to the Hawks and finished the night with a 28-14 loss. They reached the top of the West early in the season and now fell to the No.3 seed. LA is 2.5 games behind the Utah Jazz and in a de facto tie with the Phoenix Suns. This record may get even worse now that both LeBron and AD are out.

LeBron hasn’t missed too many games due to injuries in his career. The groin injury he suffered in his debut with the Lakers was probably the most serious injury of his NBA career. We do hope to see him back soon.