Rumor: Marc Gasol a Reason Lakers Are Seeking Frontcourt Upgrade

The Los Angeles Lakers are standing behind the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns in the West. LeBron James has been playing without his buddy. Lakers big man Anthony Davis is out due to an injury and he will probably miss a few weeks. LA struggled without the big man. We don’t know much about the Lakers’ return date. The team is now trying to add more power to the frontcourt. Enter Marc Gasol and his role with the Lakers.

Davis’ absence isn’t the only reason LA has to add a big man. Sam Amick from The Athletic reported that the Lakers are disappointed with Gasol. The front office added him in the offseason in order to win more games. The veteran does some really great things on the floor, but they had high expectations from him.

Gasol is averaging 4.8 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game with the team.

Marc Gasol motivates the Lakers to add more strength

Amick’s theory relies on the possibility to add LaMarcus Aldridge. The San Antonio Spurs will get rid of the player and they are now trying to find a trade for him. If this doesn’t happen, they will rely on the buyout market.

Aldridge isn’t the only player to seek home in the NBA. The same applies to Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins. They are both seeking new homes in the league. Los Angeles prefers Drummond over Cousins. He is also an optimist about the player.

LA would gladly add more power to the roster. They will need extra help to survive in the West. The Lakers entered the season as the strongest team, but some teams took advantage of the injured Lakers players. Utah has the best record and several other teams are trying to stay on the top of the league.

Rob Pelinka is doing a great job and he will address the issues his team deals with at the moment.

He added a group of talented veterans, and he won’t stop here. The Lakers will probably add some of the available players on the market.