Ty Law Has Brutally Honest Comment On Patriots 2020 Struggles

The New England Patriots missed the playoffs in 2020 despite having veteran Cam Newton under center as he had his struggles too. Fans had a hard time accepting the fact that Bill Belichick is missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

The Patriots struggled in 2020 for many reasons. The lack of a strong receiving unit is one of these. Former Patriots cornerback Ty Law shared his thoughts on the Patriots’ failure this past season.

Law appeared on WEEI’s Greg Hill Show Wednesday to discuss why the Patriots’ receiving unit had a negative impact on the team in 2020.

“Last year, they were not going to go anywhere, I don’t care who the quarterback was because no one fears the receivers,” Law said. “And when you don’t fear the receivers you can stack everybody in there and, man, we’re just waiting to get picks. You look at that game and say you know what, I’m going to add to my stat sheet in this game.”

Ty Law discusses Patriots 2020 struggles

Law didn’t stop here. Law said 2020 wouldn’t have been any different if Belichick re-signed veteran Tom Brady in the offseason.

“It wasn’t the best season for the Patriots or Cam Newton. But I will continue to say that if you think it would have been that much different or that much further along with Tom, I’ll still say I don’t think so.”

The Hall of Famer clarified his statement and said the Patriots wouldn’t have won the big game if Brady returned to the roster in 2020. Would you agree on the comments Law made? We already know a few people who would oppose it.

New England had too many struggles in 2020. There was enough room for improvement. However, Newton lacked weapons and wasn’t able to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Belichick is a fan of the 2015 NFL MVP, but he is a bit worried about his arm. If the head coach wants Newton back on the roster, he will have to give him enough weapons.

Belichick is expected to take an aggressive approach this offseason. He needs to cover several positions, including quarterback, wide receivers, tight ends…