Video: LeBron James’ More Than A Vote organization Airing Ad During All-Star Game

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James created More Than A Vote in 2020 to help African-Americans in the country. He got involved in many political issues and wanted to speak his mind whenever he thought it was necessary. During the All-Star Weekend, More Than A Vote will air an ad narrated by the king of basketball.

In his ad, LeBron encourages people to do more than tweeting out hashtags and taking part in social media trends. Political issues require much more. People need to start fighting for what is right for us and our country. LeBron has preached this in the past year.

LeBron helps people through his More Than A Vote organization

This commercial happened at the right time. LeBron decided to take a stand on political topics. Some people were far from pleased with it. Soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic was among the first to criticize LeBron for his involvement in political issues. Ibrahimovic praised LeBron for his success in the world of basketball but advised him to stick to the game. He did commend LeBron for his talent in the NBA but called him out for getting himself in political concerns.

LeBron decided to respond and his words were sharp and clear. He won’t let anyone tell him not to use his platform for the right cause. The king of basketball was vocal about racial issues and political topics. Some athletes have hard time talking about this issues.

In 2020, LeBron became one of the faces of the More Than A Vote organization. It helps people in need. It helps people find their voice. Ahead of the presidential elections in November, More Than A Vote paved the way for thousands of poll workers to assist people in the voting process.

LeBron won’t stop here. He will do whatever it takes to help people. He was born to lead people in life. Millions of people need a leader. Millions of people need someone to speak for them. LeBron speaks for all those people and he won’t be stopped.