Bill Belichick Message Sticking With Jordan Spieth Ahead Of 2021 Masters

Jordan Spieth put an end to the four-year skid with his win. He dominated the Valero Texas Open. The 27-year-old is ready for the Masters. He won the tournament in 2015 on his way to the top. Well, head coach Bill Belichick shared his thoughts on the 2021 Masters.

Spieth has finally got a PGA Tour win after 82 events without a win. However, he will try to block outside distractions. He tried to this in his 1,351-day drought.

Will he be able to do this? Spieth subscribed to an old adage from coach Belichick.

“I think Bill Belichick, it’s one of his very key things: ‘Eliminate the noise,’ ” Spieth said Monday during his Masters news conference. “I remember seeing that at Gillette Stadium before I think The Ryder Cup in 2016, and it’s always stuck with me.”

Bill Belichick encourages Jordan Spieth ahead of 2021 Masters

Spieth hasn’t won since the 2017 Open Championship before holding off Charley Hoffman for a 2-shot win Sunday. Spieth has great potentia. “I’ve shut pretty much everything off for a number of years, actually — even when I was first, second in the world,” Spieth said Monday. “I just don’t think it’s useful. If you get to where you’re No. 1 in the world, I don’t really see why anyone who hasn’t been in that position should be giving advice that you would then take to mean something.

“Certainly, there are individuals that you trust, that would have knowledge. But as far as noise on making changes or this or that … I think I struggled a little with that early in my career, of listening to what was ‘wrong’ when there were 100 things right and there was one thing that was wrong about something that I did. And I look back now and I’m like, ‘The thing that person said was wrong was actually a weapon I had that was actually an advantage.’ So just gaining that kind of knowledge in turn helps me to, I guess, limit the noise that creeps into myself or my team.”

We can’t really say Spieth is back. However, he had a solid performance and the entire world saw it. Will the whole thing end with a new green jacket? Fans can’t wait to see how will the whole thing end.