Dennis Schroder Shares Stern Demand LeBron James Has Given Him Amidst Pending Return

Dennis Schroder and other Lakers players really miss LeBron James on the floor. The king of basketball left the game on March 20 and has yet to return to game action. The Los Angeles Lakers were already without Anthony Davis. He suffered an injury on Valentine’s Day and missed too many games. Davis is back on the floor but the Lakers still struggle on the floor.

NBA experts praised the team as players did better than some had expected. Schroder has elevated his game. He actually stepped up when the team most needed him. The veteran point guard has the ultimate mentor and you already know him. LeBron James.

Dennis Schroder learned the best from LeBron James

We already know that LeBron carries this incredible energy around. He motivates his teammates to play better. Schroder knows it best. LeBron implores him to be more aggressive for the sake of their team.

“He always tells me, ‘Dennis, you’ve got to be aggressive. You’re not just a normal point guard. Do your s—,’” Schroder said. “We’re really excited to get started again with him soon. Like I said, we’re going to be ready.”

Earlier in the regular season, Schroder struggled with his 3-pointers. You all noticed that he became consistent with the outside shot. Schroder’s assist numbers went up, too. He had several games with double-digit assist numbers.

In the win over the Orlando Magic, Schroder stacked 21 points and 10 assists. His shooting was impressive and LA needs to see more of that.

The German native has an ability to get his own shot, penetrate and push the pace. He knows how to defend and hit the open player. This will help the Lakers repeat their performance and get another title. LeBron and Davis will be leading the way for the team.