Gary Payton Chimes In on the Michael Jordan & LeBron James GOAT Debate

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the main stars of the GOAT debate. They both have army of supporters and the situation got really hot following the release of MJ’s documentary. The Chicago Bulls legend was making topics back in the days. LeBron did his thing, too. Who is the greatest of all time?

Hall of Famer Gary Payton shared his thoughts on the GOAT debate. Let’s not forget that he is one of Jordan’s biggest rivals on the basketball court. Payton went on Scoop B Radio with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson to talk about the MJ and LeBron.

“Two totally different basketball players,” Payton said. “Jordan was a guy that he was going to make big shots. He’s going to take the ball every time and shoot it every time he has to. I think LeBron is an all-around basketball player.”

Jordan won’t beat LeBron in the GOAT debate

A lot of current and former players have shared their thoughts on the debate. Some of them are great scorers and others are excellent passers. Rebounders are here, too. According to Payton, LeBron is the best all-around player.

“LeBron James by far. He does everything,” he said. “He passes the ball better than Jordan, He can dribble it a little bit better than Jordan… shooting wise, I don’t think so, rebounding I think he did.”

Payton and Jordan met in the 1996 NBA Finals. MJ lit Seattle Supersonics in the first three games.

“I couldn’t guard him until Game 4 and I said, “Forget this injury. We’re down 3-0, let’s try it,” The Glove said to Scoop B.

Payton wouldn’t compare LeBron to Jordan. He said LeBron is more like Magic Johnson.

“LeBron is more like Magic,” Payton said. “He can bring the ball down and play all different positions, he passes the ball and he makes everybody around him better.”

LeBron and MJ will keep impressing people with their off-court activities. The Lakers superstar is here to win another title. He is on a good way to add another ring to his portfolio.