Insider Details How Lakers Can Sign Andre Drummond This Offseason

Big man Andre Drummond enters free agency in the offseason and the Los Angeles Lakers will have to make a decision on his future with the team. The veteran center had a terrible debut with the Lakers. He finished the night with four points and lost a toenail in the process. Drummond had to leave the game and the team ruled him out for the game against the Sacramento Kings. He is a top rebounder but had just one rebound on the night. According to experts, Drummond will miss a couple of games.

Will the Lakers have enough money to keep Drummond on the roster in the long term? The front office signed LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the offseason. They all got multi-year contracts. Dennis Schroder is waiting for his big deal, too. If LA wants Drummond on the roster, they will have to overcome a few obstacles.

Andre Drummond to leave LA in the offseason

It will be hard but worth all the money. Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report has a theory.

“Drummond can only earn up to $2.9 million with his non-Bird rights. To get to the cap space needed to pay out even $16 million in starting salary, the Lakers would need to dramatically pare down their roster (by letting free agents walk and trading several players under contract).

“The best case for Drummond would be a willingness to stay on at the $5.9 million TMLE, but that’s well below market value. The Lakers could try to get to the $9.5 million NTMLE, but then they would be hard-capped at $143 million, necessitating similar cuts/trades (letting Schroder walk, perhaps sending Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Kyle Kuzma out in a trade).”

Let’s not forget that Drummond was on the buyout market. He is a two-time All-Star but the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t find the right trade partner.

Keeping Drummond in LA would push Schroder out of the team. Rob Pelinka won’t give up on the German native that easily. He is the starting point guard and is the third-best player in the regular season. Once AD comes back, Drummond won’t have a bigger role than Schroder.

Drummond earned $28 million a year during his time in Cleveland. LA won’t give him that much. The front office will probably take the wait-and-see-approach.