Lakers Big Man Clears Air After Taunting Nets Veteran

The Los Angeles Lakers were brilliant against the Brooklyn Nets. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, and a few others didn’t play. However, Andre Drummond and Ben McLemore were brilliant. LA celebrated a 126-101 win over the Nets. Sunday was a big night for the purple and gold.

Drummond taunting Nets veteran LaMarcus Aldridge was one of the hottest topics on the night. The Lakers big man decided to clear the air.

The big man backed down Aldridge and got the bucket and his foul in the third quarter of the game. Drummond turned around and called him “too small” before going to the line. LeBron, AD, and Kuzma flexed their guns. It was a perfect celebration. But, Drummond thought it would be nice to clear the air.

“It was a good basket,” he said. “That’s my signature that I do when I score on people and get an and-1, so nothing toward LaMarcus intentionally. It’s just what I do. No matter who is out there, it’s happening.”

Lakers beat Nets with “togetherness”

Drummond finished the night with 20 points and 11 rebounds. The perfect rebounder, remember? This was his second double-double with the Lakers.

Aldridge himself praised Drummond for his game.

“[Drummond] was great tonight, but that’s on me,” he said. “I’ve guarded him and played versus him all these years. Just got to be better. Like I said, came out way too passive. Couldn’t get my motor going, but that’s on me.”

Saturday’s win was a big lesson for Drummond. He learned a lot during the game.

“I learned a lot from today’s game: that we have a lot of guys in this locker room that are very tough,” Drummond told reporters after the game. “Despite who is on the other side of the court, they’re going to come out and play. No matter how many minutes guys play, they’re going to play to the best of their ability. And we have fun doing it. We had a lot of fun tonight playing and getting this win.”

When it comes to learning lessons, Talen Horton-Tucker definitely learned his. The young Laker had to sit out a game after he left the bench to join the altercation on the floor.

If you ask Ben McLemore, he would say that LA is all about “togetherness.” This shorthanded Lakers team beat the Nets.