Lamar Odom Admits he Texted Kobe Bryant For Weeks After His Death

Lamar Odom misses Kobe Bryant a lot. The Black Mamba lost his life in a tragic helicopter crash a year ago. The world lost a legend and pretty much everyone had a hard time accepting reality. Kobe is gone, and we miss him a lot. His teammates will always remember his greatness. His energy was contagious and Kobe was incredibly competitive.

Odom talked about Kobe’s death. He was forced to accept it. These two spent a lot of time together on the floor. Odom watched Kobe win games. He followed every move the Black Mamba made. Kobe died and Odom couldn’t stop texting him.

In his interview on VladTV’s YouTube channel, Odom talked about all the text he sent following Kobe’s death. He even tried to call him.

Lamar Odom misses Kobe Bryant and his greatness

The basketball legend couldn’t accept Kobe’s death. He couldn’t get over the tragedy. His former teammate was gone for good. This was the nightmare millions of people lived with. The pain won’t go away.

“I know if he was awake, and the (helicopter) was going down, I know he was the one telling everybody, ‘We’re gonna be alright.’ You know what I’m saying? Just trying to be there for everybody. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to see someone I love so much kinda go like that too.” – Lamar Odom.

The former Lakers forward said one of the hardest details is knowing that Kobe was just getting started. He had so much planned.

“He could’ve been an incredible coach. Girls coach, women’s coach, just pick his basketball brains. His knowledge (was) incredible. Just his will…” – Odom.

A lot of current and former players talked about the tragedy. They all held speeches and remembered the great things Kobe did on and off the floor. Shaq O’Neal, Michael Jordan, LeBron James… Kobe had a big role in the world of basketball. He was a regular guest on the sidelines. His presence helped players win games. Basketball players will continue his legacy through the game.