LAPD Sent Letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Formally Requesting Investigation of LeBron James

The LAPD has special demand for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and it’s related to the potential investigation into Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Well, the situation seems to be a little trickier than expected. It looks like LeBron will be making headlines for quite some time.

The whole thing started when LeBron shared the since-deleted tweet about a police officer that took part in a deadly shooting. LeBron wrote about the Columbus officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant. Some say the officer had to shoot the girl to protect two other people. LeBron was far from happy with this and he blasted the police officer who killed the 15-year-old girl. He deleted the tweet to stop the avalanche of reactions at his address.

LAPD requests investigation into LeBron James

Is LeBron making headlines for the wrong reasons?

A lot of people took to social media to condemn the four-time NBA champion. The Los Angeles Police Department took a step further. They are taking the whole thing to a different level.

LAPD sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and they are requesting a formal investigation of the kid from Akron.

“[Jamie] McBride and his organization, the Los Angeles Protective League, sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to formally request an investigation into LeBron James’ tweet to determine if the player violated any league policies,” Fox News reported.

We believe that this investigation won’t come into fruition. LeBron decided to delete the tweet right after the situation started.

The local LA department is trying to get involved and they are waiting for a response.

The whole thing may become a thing of history. LeBron doesn’t really think about this right now. He likes winning games with his team.

But first, he will have to return to the floor. LeBron suffered a high-ankle sprain on March 20 and he had to miss too much time. Hopefully, he will return to the floor in the next few days. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that LeBron may return to game action for the next game. Let’s see how will things go for the Laker.