LeBron James Drops Cryptic IG Post Featuring Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the 2020-21 NBA season as the strongest team in the NBA. The defending champions looked strong and tough. However, something awful happened overnight. The team lost both superstars to injuries. The front office signed Andre Drummond to fill up the empty spot, but he suffered an injury in his debut with the team. The team struggled to win games without the superstars. Now we have LeBron James delivering a cryptic post about his teammate.

Anthony Davis has missed a lot of time and he has been out since February. He has seen some on-court actions and will probably return in the near future. Head coach Frank Vogel trusts his veterans, but winning games is really hard.

LeBron James’ cryptic post is a shocker

Marc Stein of The New York Times suggested that AD may return at the end of the road trip. LeBron will probably be back by the end of April.

LeBron’s recent post made us believe that AD will soon return.

Jared Dudley talked about Davis’ return, too. He dropped some great insight on how his teammates are coming along.

AD is coming along, he’s on the court and doing definitely his little workouts, his calves, I’m in the weight room with him,” Dudley said on the LakeShow podcast. “He’s gonna be getting on the floor more this week, he’s gonna do about 30 minutes non-stop. He’s gonna get to playing here shortly and do give him a couple more weeks. ‘Bron just got out of the boot, he’s moving forward. And Drummond is back, so listen, within the next 3-4 weeks we’re gonna have everybody back and then we’re rolling.”

This is great news. Dudley has been working out with his teammates so he knows a thing or two about his teammates.

The Lakers went 4-4 since they lost LeBron. Having a .500 record without LeBron and AD is a great sign. The Team dropped to the fifth seed in the Western Conference. But, Vogel isn’t really concerned. Standings don’t really matter right now.