LeBron James Reacts to DMX Passing Away

The world lost a rap legend. We lost a pop culture icon. Today is a sad day. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James reacted to DMX passing away. He spoke in the name of millions of fans.

Earl DMX Simmons died at 50. Millions of people took to social media to send their thoughts and prayers. The internet was flooded with messages of support. There was an avalanche of emotions and tears.  DMX had a vital role in society. A lot of people looked up to him.

DMX had a huge influence on the music industry. His entrance on the big stage was big. He entered the world of music with two great albums. 1998 was a big year for DMX. He played the right game and made the top.

Fans still listen to Flesh of My Blood, Blood of my Blood” and “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.” The albums launched the rapper into space. He became bigger than anyone else. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” “Party Up,” “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” and “Where The Hood At” are some of the greatest hits the world has ever seen. DMX gave us the greatest songs.

LeBron James reacts to the death of the legend; The world talks about DMX passing away

LeBron grew up listening to DMX. He still listens to his great songs. His younger years were during the era when the rapper was at his highest peak. Offering his condolences makes perfect sense. The king of basketball probably used DMX’s music to prepare for the games.

DMX suffered a heart attack and struggled for his life. According to some reports, drug overdose led to his heart attack.

The rapper was reported dead on Thursday but he died on Friday, April 9. People delivered the best tributes to the legend. We will be seeing more of this in the next few days. DMX is a legend and the world will always remember him. Millions of people will continue his legacy. Listen to his music and keep it alive. It’s the best way to remember a legend.