LeBron James Reacts To The Knicks’ Winning Streak

The New York Knicks haven’t made the playoffs for almost a decade. The Knicks haven’t been in the postseason since the 2012-13 season. However, the team has surprised everyone with the amazing winning streak. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James took notice of the brilliant success and his comment was more than enough.

NY will put an end to the drought and players are pretty serious about their games. They have won a lot of games and the best had yet to come.

The Knicks added another win to their chart. The team defeated the Atlanta Hawks in overtime. All-Star forward Julius Randle led his team with 40 points and 11 rebounds. He also stacked six assists.

Following the latest success for New York, the king of basketball wrote a viral tweet. The team was finally able to turn things around after Dipset did his thing in Madison Square.

LeBron James praised the Knicks

LeBron is really active on Twitter these days. He took to Twitter to respond to the comment about Dipset. His comment made people talk. “Ain’t no denying DIPSET! And the league is simply better off when the Knicks are winning.”

His simple comment attracted everyone’s attention. LeBron wasn’t joking and he is really serious about this.

LeBron is absolutely right about the league being better when New York wins.

The Knicks have an incredibly passionate fanbase. Well, let’s just say they have one of the most passionate fan bases in the world of sports. The team has a huge brand and plays in the most popular market in the US. The Knicks had to win more games. They had to give fans a reason to celebrate.

The Knicks are back in business because of Tom Thibodeau. He may not be Coach of the Year, but his roster is pretty impressive.

The team will try to keep the winning streak alive when they go against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday. LeBron will sure follow the game. He will also try to make the playoffs with his team.