LeBron James Ripped for ‘Embarrassing’ Workout Video

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James uses pretty much every opportunity to warn the rest of the NBA and this time he did that through another workout video. But, not everyone was equally impressed. The Los Angeles Lakers have yet to set the right timeline for LeBron’s return. Head coach Frank Vogel said LeBron is out indefinitely but Lakers players believe LeBron will be back next week. Dennis Schroder is one of them.

The king of basketball shared another video showing off that he can apply pressure to his ankle. A lot of people supported the Laker and applauded his recovery. However, Skip Bayless said it was embarrassing. Well, we are sort of used to these comments. Bayless is not a fan of LeBron.

“Could somebody please explain LeBron’s IG post in which he’s jogging 1 m.p.h. up and back on an empty court? If he were sprinting, OK, pretty impressive. But this is … pretty embarrassing. Did he really think this would scare opponents???”

Bayless would never miss an opportunity to trash LeBron. This time he crossed the line. Well, LeBron wasn’t trying to scare people. He was trying to tell everyone that his ankle recovered well.

LeBron took his walking boot out and he is really careful with his leg. He shares his workout videos to keep everyone updated on his recovery. Bayless’ words won’t change the fact that LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. These injuries will only motivate him to try harder and get another ring.

The Lakers are really quiet when it comes to LeBron’s injury. Schroder said he knows when the king is coming back.

“I know,” Schroder said after Monday’s win over the Orlando Magic. “But it’s probably the Lakers organization who’ll tell you guys. I mean, he’s close. I can tell you that much.”

The Lakers tried to stay afloat with LeBron and Anthony Davis out. AD missed a couple of months and he is back to action now. Lakers players will have both superstars back on the floor and it’s time for a real show!