Max Kellerman Reacts To The Patriots’ Draft Speculation

The New England Patriots have the No.15 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick is set to make a move. He was pretty wild in free agency, and NFL experts believe he will take a similar approach in 2021. Max Kellerman shared his thoughts on the Patriots and their moves in the draft.

The team has been linked to multiple quarterback prospects. This year’s class has some really great names. Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones… Belichick can get a valuable piece.

Kellerman believes that the Patriots shouldn’t really prioritize signal-callers at this point. He had two major reasons to say this.

Max Kellerman predicts a move for the Patriots in the upcoming draft

ESPN’s personality said that Cam Newton has a lot to offer. He also believes that organizations who back themselves into a corner when it comes to picking a quarterback often end up overdrafting a player.

“No, because when you do it that way — especially if you’re not picking first overall — what you start to do is kind of wish a guy into existence,” Kellerman said on First Take. “Right? Well ‘Maybe he… ,’ even if it’s not the guy. I don’t think that’s Bill Belichick’s style, anyway. But if there was a quarterback that he loves — if he loves Trey Lance or Mac Jones, and they slip enough to where he could make a little move up and grab him, he already said theoretically he would do something like that. But you don’t just do it because quarterback needs to be a priority. And I’ll tell you why: I think people are sleeping — snoring — on Cam Newton.”

The Patriots won’t be able to get Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson. However, they can get Trey Lance, Mac Jones or Justin Fields. Belichick will make a decision.

Head coach Belichick won’t even try to force his quarterback pick. That’s not how things work for the quarterback. Belichick won six Super Bowls with the Patriots and he will sure pull the right move at the right time.