Medical Experts Get Real on LeBron James’ Ankle Injury Recovery

LeBron James missed several weeks due to his high ankle sprain. It’s a long way to recovery. Medical experts have provided an update on LeBron and his injury recovery. The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled without their leader. Anthony Davis is out, and newly-signed big man Andre Drummond missed three games. LA needs its superstars back. The team is 4-6 without LeBron and AD. They dropped to the fifth seed in the Western Conference.

If Father Time catching up to LeBRon? He turned 36 in December.

Mark Medina from USA TODAY Sports says there shouldn’t be a concern at the moment. LeBron has so much to offer at this point.

LeBron James’ fans follow his injury recovery

Here’s what experts said about LeBron:

“I expect when he completely heals, he should be just like who he was before he got hurt,” said Dr. David Geier, an orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist and author of ‘That’s Gotta Hurt: The injuries that changed sports forever.’ “So short term, bad news. Long term, good news.”

“Once you rehab these injuries, there’s typically very little disability,” said Dr. Michael Castro, an orthopedic surgeon and foot/ankle specialist with Summit Orthopedics. “For the garden variety without any overlying instability, high ankle sprains can heal and not really result in any prolonged disability. The best you can do is give it adequate time to heal and for it to become stable.”

“In the long run, players can usually come back and can eventually get back to their previous level of activity,” said Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a foot and ankle surgeon with the Hoag Orthopedic Institute. “It’s not like an Achilles rupture where we would worry they may not be the same player. So with a high ankle sprain, I’m strongly optimistic he can get back and be highly skilled and talented to his previous level.”

Of course, these experts didn’t have any access to LeBron’s medical records. But, some of these words are definitely a reason to celebrate. LeBron will hit the field in the near future and that’s the only thing that matters at the moment. Lakers veteran Jared Dudley has been working out with both LeBron and AD. He said that LA will hit full capacity by the end of this month. LeBron made similar statement these days. He predicted a thunderstorm! We all know what that means.