Patriots Eyeing Falcons’ No. 4 Pick With This QB In Mind

Will the New England Patriots pick their next QB in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft? Head coach Bill Belichick decided to trust Cam Newton and gave him another deal. However, this doesn’t mean that Newton will be the starting quarterback for the team. Jarrett Stidham is here. Belichick may make these two compete again. If the Patriots sign a rookie, the player will probably stand behind Newton and get ready to start games next season.

There have been several rumors lately. New England has been linked with multiple players, including Justin Fields. He is one of the top prospects in the NFL Draft. Some NFL experts believe Belichick will move up the draft board and trade Stephon Gilmore. Others believe the team will move back. Will the team stay put and pick a quarterback or cornerback?

Patriots may pick their next QB

Jeff Howe from The Athletic shared his thoughts on the Patriots’ draft move.

“Specifically with the Patriots, these trade discussions are a strong indication they’ve found conviction in at least one of those top quarterbacks, and word is they think highly of Ohio State’s Justin Fields — highly enough that they’ve even spoken with the Atlanta Falcons about the fourth pick,” Howe wrote.

Trevor Lawrence is the consensus top QB in the 2021 draft. However, some believe Fields is No.2 of all prospects in the class. Fields may join the Patriots but this is still a longshot. There have been so many rumors and most fans agree that Fields is a top option for the Patriots.

The first round of the NFL draft is on Thursday. Belichick has worked on the perfect plan and he has several options on the table. The Patriots covered pretty much every topic in the offseason. Maybe they should bring more weapons and give Newton the perfect offense. He lacked weapons in 2020 and the teams missed the playoffs. Newton is a strong player and he won the NFL MVP award in the 2015 season. He has a lot left in the tank and the Patriots should use that.