Patriots Players Make Major Announcement Ahead of the Draft

The New England Patriots made a big announcement regarding the 2021 NFL Draft. They made the announcement through a statement from the NFL Players Association on voluntary workouts.

Players won’t attend voluntary workouts in the offseason due to coronavirus concerns.

NFL insider Dov Kleinman posted the official statement and it says in part, “in solidarity with other players across the NFL and in the interest of our health and safety, many of us at the New England Patriots will be exercising our right to not attend voluntary workouts this offseason. The NFL has yet to agree to the full details of a plan for players despite the fact we are a few short days away from the start of voluntary workouts. The threat of COVID-19 is still serious in our community and across the country, and we think it is safer for everyone if we choose to workout on our own.”

Here is the full statement from the Detroit Lions and New England players:

“Many” is the keyword in this statement. In other words, some players may take part in the workouts. This leads to a different dynamic, especially in teams’ locker rooms.

Patriots take different approach ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft

Not attending these voluntary workouts is part of the recent NFLPA initiative. Attending these sessions may be frowned upon by those who decide to move in solidarity with the union. This division may lead to future problems between players.

Patriots special teamer and Bill Belichick’s barber, Brandon King, promised to follow his orders to report. King said, “ if Bill tells me to report, I’m reporting.” Simple as that.

Ben Volin reported that the Patriots have had 14 players at the facility. Each of these was working out or rehabbing injuries in the offseason. Other teams have more players in their stadiums. Maybe most of them will withdraw from the voluntary practices.

Belichick and the Patriots are trying really hard to rebuild the roster. They missed the playoffs in 2020, and hopefully, it won’t happen again.