Report: Lakers ‘In the Running’ for Injured 2-Time All-Star

The Los Angeles Lakers have yet to put LeBron James into game action. Anthony Davis returned to the floor but the Lakers still struggle. Head coach Frank Vogel is an optimist, and he sure has a backup plan. The franchise signed Ben McLemore and Andre Drummond to get more help on the floor. This time the Lakers may be going after a two-time All-Star.

A rival league executive spilled the beans and talked about Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo. The veteran is the key free agent for the summer. He really likes Miami but his relationship with the franchise wasn’t really great.

After arriving through a trade from Houston, Oladipo played just four games with the Heat. He suffered an injury in a non-contact situation against the Los Angeles Lakers on April 8. Oladipo hasn’t played since and Miami may soon ditch him.

This has a huge impact on the Lakers. If Oladipo doesn’t return to Miami, the team will probably send him away. LA will be in the perfect position to get the talented player next summer.

Lakers have a chance to get the All-Star

When healthy, Oladipo is averaging 12.0 points on 37.2% shooting, 23.5% 3-point shooting in his four appearances with Miami.

“He has struggled this year and now he has the knee injury, and who knows if he is going to play again this season?” the exec told “If he doesn’t, he is going to be a very cheap contract this summer. He would be better off taking a one-year deal, even a cheap one, and playing for a winner. He could win back a lot of faith in him that way.

“That’s where, if you’re the Lakers, you have to watch that situation and see if maybe his price goes down far enough where he takes your midlevel money and plays out a season hoping to show he is healthy and a good teammate. They have to be considered in the running for him if they want him.”