Report: Lakers Make New Decision on Frank Vogel’s Future

The Los Angeles Lakers made a big move regarding head coach Frank Vogel and his future with the franchise. Winning a title in his first season with the Lakers was definitely a big deal. It was of great help for Vogel and his next move. In 2019, Vogel signed a three-deal with the team. He is set to head into the final season of his deal in 2021-22. Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN reported that the Lakers would give Vogel an extension in the offseason.

“The Lakers, I’m told, plan to initiate contract extension talks with Frank Vogel this offseason,” Wojnarowski explained on NBA Countdown. “Now remember, he initially signed a three-year deal as Lakers coach, won the championship last year. And then here in his second year, without Anthony Davis and LeBron James for a combined 54 games, they’re first in the league in defensive efficiency. So, once this season is over they’re planning to start discussions on extending Vogel’s deal.”

The Lakers make big move on Frank Vogel and his future with the franchise

The Lakers offered Vogel the head coaching job but they looked at other candidates too. The franchise wanted Ty Lue but his deal was pretty short and he didn’t agree to sign it. Wojnarowski said that Lue wanted a bigger deal and ended up coaching the Clippers.

“It was [a sticking point], Ty Lue, Monty Williams, were both coaches the Lakers had talked to,” Wojnarowski added. “You know, Monty Williams took that Phoenix job, and Ty Lue decided to go to the Clippers as an assistant. Now, they’re all in the West. They’re all going to be formidable teams in the playoffs. Frank Vogel took that three-year deal and winning that championship in his first year certainly set himself up now to move forward.”

LeBron James has nothing but word of praise for the head coach. According to him, Vogel is the “anchor” of the Lakers.

“He’s just always been the anchor, and our coaching staff has been right behind him,” James said at the time, per USA Today. “I can’t say anything more than that. Just happy to be on the floor to kind of be his coach on the floor and just command to my teammates the same message that he’s given to me and be an extension of his mind. It’s been great.”