Rob Gronkowski Reacts To Julian Edelman Retirement

Rob Gronkowski keeps being himself even when asked about Julian Edelman and his retirement. The veteran wideout decided to call it career and a lot of current and former Patriots players reacted to it.

Edelman shared a video to announce his decision. He thanked Patriots coaches and players for their great work. Edelman thanked Robert Kraft and the Kraft family and also thanked head coach Bill Belichick for the opportunity. He will always be grateful for that. The 2018 Super Bowl MVP thanked the ladies who prepare their food and the guys who clean up after them. He is a great guy, right? Edelman promised to retire once his wheels come off, and yes, they have finally fallen. That’s what he said in his statement.

Rob Gronkowski spills a shocker about Julian Edelman

In an interview with TMZ Sports Monday night, big Gronk said there was a 69% chance for Edelman to return to the field. When asked a follow-up question about these numbers, Gronk said, “He’ll be back.”

Well, this doesn’t mean Edelman would return to the field this fall. But this was definitely an interesting reaction. Gronk has the perfect reaction to pretty much every event in the NFL. He was retired for a season, remember? Gronk came out of his retirement to join Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They won the Super Bowl in their first season with the Bucs. Edelman doesn’t look like someone who’d join another NFL team. Well, hey, there’s always room for speculation.

Brady had a different reaction. He took to Instagram to deliver an emotional message for his former teammate. Brady respects their time together and the amazing relationship they built throughout the years.

Gronk made some shocking comments but he also congratulated Edelman for his great career. The man earned his spot in the Hall of Fame.

“I definitely think he has a great possibility to be a Hall of Famer,” Gronkowski said. “He’s a beast. And the numbers just don’t show everything that he brings to the table. The attitude, the competitiveness that he has.”

Will Edelman get his statue? There’s a great chance for him to accomplish that. We’d have to wait to see what happens next.