This Patriots Hype Video Will Get You Fired Up For 2021 NFL Draft

The New England Patriots are entering the highly anticipating 2021 NFL Draft They have the No.15 pick but head coach Bill Belichick may make a move and go back and up.

The Patriots will welcome a new player to their locker room Thursday night. It’s a big night for the team and players will get to know a bunch of new players. Of course, Belichick may opt to trade out of the first round.

Round 1 of the NFL draft is always followed by great mysteries. It’s a rather intriguing part of the draft and teams make great moves. Some of them trade out of the round while others trade up to get the players they need.

Patriots to make a shocking move in the 2021 Draft

The San Francisco 49ers are selecting their next player with the No.3 overall pick. The team made some changes and they are expected to make a big splash. How many signal-callers can be selected in the top 10? This year’s draft is packed with talent and there are several amazing options for each team. Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence… They will all find a home in the first five picks.

This leads us all the way to the Patriots. Will the team make a power play for one of the top prospects?

These storylines and more sure have NFL fans fired up for the first round. New England has the perfect hype video for each and every fan out there. The team shared the video to the official Twitter account Thursday morning. Was this an announcement?

The Patriots are set to make the first pick at No.15 overall. Several reports suggest that head coach Belichick and his staff will pick players at a different spot.

Belichick made a few big moves. He will move on at the same pace. Let’s see how will the team handle the pressure and the competition from other teams. It’s a big night for everyone. Belichick needs a few more weapons for Cam Newton. He may also get a rookie quarterback.