1 Word Used To Describe Patriots Approach With Julio Jones

The New England Patriots have shown interest in several veterans in the offseason. Well, one particular player fits Bill Belichick’s scheme and he is already placed on the trade block. The New England Patriots may soon work on the best approach to get Julio Jones through a trade deal with the Atlanta Falcons. The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver wants out. Will the Patriots agree to a deal to sign the receiver?

Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal reported that the Patriots are really “cautious” with their approach to the elite receiver. The report suggests that Belichick’s team has concerns about Jones’ age and injury history.

“I’ve been told the Patriots’ interest is… cautious,” Bedard wrote, via NESN. “They’re around. If the price drops in compensation and contract, then I think Jones as a big slot/layer of security at a thin spot, would be something they’re interested in.”

According to Bedard, the Patriots will have to do a lot of workarounds with the veteran in order to get his best. When healthy, Jones is one of the best receivers in the NFL.

The Patriots have a specific approach in Julio Jones situation

Now you understand the “cautious” part, right? Belichick is not someone who makes unexpected and silly moves. He goes through every possible scenario and makes the right move.

Truth is, Jones suffered a lot of injuries in his NFL career. He missed seven games in 2020 and it was the longest injury spell since the 2013 NFL career. Belichick wouldn’t really bother around someone who has had so many injuries. Jones missed at least one game in seven of his ten seasons. But, Jones is a seven-time Pro Bowler.

Jones had 99 receptions for 1,394 yards and six touchdowns in 2019. Belichick is probably the only person to get these numbers out of Jones again. He has superpowers, remember?

Will the Patriots take a risk and try to get the receiver? The only thing we can do right now is wait for Belichick’s official call. He has a few options in the pocket.