Anthony Davis Gives Incredibly Optimistic Answer When Asked About LeBron James Health

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James returned to game action but had to leave the game and miss a few more games due to his health concerns. The Los Angeles Lakers keep losing games and they will probably hit the play-in tournament. The same goes to the Golden State Warriors. Lakers fans are really worried about LeBron’s health. Lakers big man Anthony Davis dropped a promising update on his superstar teammate.

According to Davis, LeBron will “be fine.”

“What I saw from LeBron today, he’ll be fine. Trust me. He’ll be fine.”

The four-time NBA MVP suffered a severe high ankle sprain in the game against the Atlanta Hawks. He had to leave the floor and didn’t return to finish the night. If you were counting, you probably noticed that LeBron missed 20 games. That’s just too much, right? He had to miss all the games until last week. He did return to the floor but his problems didn’t end. LeBron re-aggravated his injury and will have to sit out the next few games.

LeBron James has almost zero health issues

The king of basketball appeared in two games and provided underwhelming numbers. Guess what… LeBron had to go out due to soreness in the same ankle that forced him to miss many games.

Several sources reveal that LeBron won’t be 100 percent again in the near future. LeBron made similar comments, too. Well, let’s be honest, by this point in a regular season, no player is truly 100 percent.

Davis is trying to lead his teammates to more wins. He had to miss a lot of games too. But, AD feels and plays great at this point. He hit 36 points in the game against the Portland Trail Blazers. The big man also added 42 points in the win over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

This gives us hope, giving us a reason to believe that the Lakers will repeat the success and defend the title they won inside the bubble. We are optimists at the moment, but we will have to wait and see what happens next. LA has the power to go up.