Insider Confirms Salacious Rumor Involving Lakers & Clippers

Some confirm the rumor revolving around the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers. Well, if the Clippers keep playing like this, they will go home really soon. Kawhi Leonard and his team are 0-2 to the Dallas Mavericks. They can’t control Luka Doncic and his dominance. Yes, the Clippers could’ve avoided this had they ended the season as the No.3 seed in the West.

The Clippers should have been able to stay at No.3, but it looked like their city rivals could move up to No.6. Leonard’s team would have played against the Lakers in the first round. The Clippers slipped to No.4, but the Lakers finished as the seventh seed. They lost to the worst teams in the West. Losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets was horrible. Many analysts thought the Clippers were trying to avoid the Lakers.

Strong teams don’t really tank seasons to avoid their rivals. Last season, the Clippers talked a big game and went home too early. Things look really worse this season.

The ultimate rumor for Lakers vs. Clippers

Chris Broussard says the Clippers tanked intentionally.

“The notion about Shannon [Sharpe] and I making this up about the Clippers tanking to avoid the Lakers,” Broussard said on Fox Sports’ Undisputed. “I texted somebody who would know, Skip [Bayless], last week and I was like, ‘Man, I keep hearing that the Clippers tanked to avoid the Lakers. There’s no way I believe that. That can’t be true.’ I got the text back from a person that would know that, totally true, and he didn’t like it. He was ‘bad karma,’ all that. I believe it. They didn’t want the Lakers. I’m not saying they wouldn’t have been scared of them in the conference finals, but for whatever reason, they didn’t want them early. That’s what I’m told.”