Julian Edelman Shares Details About Why Knee Injury Forced Retirement

Julian Edelman missed several games due to his knee injury. The nagging condition limited him to six games in 2020. Edelman had to undergo a surgery to repair his knee. The recovery went well and he took his time to rest and relax. Well, “his wheels came off” and he decided to retire. Edelman announced his retirement after 12 long seasons with the Patriots.

The veteran wideout was plagued by injuries. His lingering knee ailment forced him to leave professional football for good.

The NFL legend shared more details about his injury during his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

“I’m just like most guys that have knee problems, I’m just bone on bone,” Edelman said. “And also my medial side is just worn out because I tore a PCL years ago and you don’t repair those. So, then you just get this lag in your (tibia-fibula) and then I’m bow legged so you’re just going over years, years, years of grinding.

“And then last year I popped the root of my cartilage so the whole medial side is just kind of like ‘Alright we run, alright my knee blows up, alright lets go in the pool.? I hated that. I don’t like that.”

Julian Edelman is aware of his knee injury

The former Patriot talked to many media outlets. He was really honest about his injury and the way it impacted his career. Edelman didn’t have any trouble retiring due to his knee ailment. Moreover, he said he “respected” the game of football too much to play while being less than 100%. That’s our boy! That’s how a professional talks!

The veteran wideout won’t leave the world of football in the near future. Edelman is joining the football talk show “Inside the NFL” and we can’t wait to see him as an analyst. The guy knows his job and he knows the game.

Rob Gronkowski is pretty convinced that Edelman will come out of his retirement and play. Well, it looks like the wideout has made a final decision. He is not coming back.