LeBron James Drops Bleak Statement on Future

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game against the Sacramento Kings and some fans are worried about LeBron James and his future moves. Well, the king of basketball is finally back into game action. LA lost the game 110-106. Let’s not forget that the Kings played without lead scorer De’Aaron Fox.

Head coach Frank Vogel is working with all players on the floor. But, many would agree this wasn’t the game LA should have ever lost. LeBron is here, Anthony Davis played well, and Andre Drummond turned out to play really well that night. They all scored over 15-points each. However, the rest of the roster had a night off. Ben McLemore was the only Laker to hit over 10 points. LA played bad and they will have to come up with a solution.

LeBron James to make some changes in the future

LeBron was a bit rusty but his performance was great. The man may not be fully healthy. He did make some confusing comments on Friday.

“I know getting back to 100% is impossible. I’ll never get back to 100% in my career,” LeBron said after the loss. “But I felt comfortable where I knew I could get on the floor and help my team win.”

LeBron hasn’t missed this much time in his NBA career. The recent stretch was bad for him.

“It was horrible, honestly, for me,” LeBron said of the time away. “I was more stressful than I’ve ever been.”

Davis has some questions about the long-term effects.

“Even though we don’t want to lose, we do want to take a step in the right direction every time we step on the floor and gain some momentum going into the playoffs. But it doesn’t really matter where we are,” Davis said Friday. “We know how confident we are in ourselves. We know what the team is capable of. Know that once we reach the playoffs, it’s a different story.”

Let’s see how will the Lakers handle the next few games. It’s time for a big win and LA can do that and much more.