LeBron James Shares Strong Reaction to Russell Westbrook News

LeBron James really likes Russell Westbrook and everything he does on the basketball court. The 32-year-old is one of the best basketball players of all time. He passed Oscar Robertson as the NBA’s all-time leader in triple-doubles. The Washington Wizards star did that with his 182nd triple-double. This is a really nice feat and we can’t imagine others pass Westbrook in the near future.

The Lakers superstar hits triple-doubles really often. He has 99 and Westbrook looks better in that aspect. King James sent Westbrook a good message right after the big news broke.

LeBron James respects Russell Westbrook and his accomplishment

Nikola Jokic is six years younger than the Wizards guard and he is the only active player who may get any near to this record. This is definitely a good feat and a record that stood strong since Robertson’s retirement in 1974.

NBA experts often criticized Westbrook just because his playing style hasn’t helped his team win many games. One thing stands for sure. Westbrook will always be part of NBA history due to his cool number of triple-doubles.

When it comes to LeBron, he is ready for another batch of points. He had a short return from injury and had to miss more time. Pretty much everyone is waiting for LeBron’s return. The Lakers announced that LA is questionable for Wednesday’s game against the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets have the worst team in league history. If LeBron plays, head coach Frank Vogel will limit his minutes.

The Lakers look good at the moment and they are looking forward to LeBron’s return. However, Anthony Davis deals with discomfort and he may miss some time.

“We know the position we are in. We are playing desperate. That is all we can do,” Davis said after Tuesday’s win over the Knicks. “This win is a confidence booster for us. If LeBron comes back tomorrow, hopefully, we can get him acclimated and back in the rhythm. We want him to get healthy and be ready for the playoffs.”

LeBron doesn’t like the play-in tournament so he better help his team avoid it.