NBA Fans Have Nickname For LeBron After Loss Against Suns

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James has earned himself a new nickname. Is it really new? LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. Some fans don’t like him, but they are only here to motivate him to do better.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar can sometimes draw the wrath of doubters. They don’t like how he sells out to get favorable calls.

That’s exactly what happened in the first game against the Phoenix Suns. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors to earn their spot in the playoffs. Chris Paul and his team were the first on their list. But, LA lost.

Observers watched LeBron play against the Suns. Some of them were annoyed at his actions, and they all accused him of “flopping.” Oh, we have seen this one before.

That’s how they came up with “LeFlop.”

It’s now viral. “LeFlop” was trending during and after the Lakers game against Phoenix. LA finished the night with a 99-90 loss. This was the first game of the series and LeBron is ready to move on with a W.

LeBron is not the only Laker to earn a nickname

Anthony Davis was targeted, too. Someone came up with the “ADisney” insult. Yes, they wanted to insult Davis during the Lakers’ title run in the bubble last year. Lakers players made the NBA Finals and defeated the Miami Heat. What happened next? They won the championship. Doubters were frustrated. They wanted LA to lose the series.

LeBron and AD combined for 31 points, 14 rebounds, and 12 assists in Game 1 of the series. These numbers came on shooting 11-of-20 from the field. Lakers players will have to do better than this to win the next game on Tuesday night.

The Lakers have a strong roster at the moment and they have a good chance to defend the title. Let’s see what happens on Tuesday night. LeBron is motivated! Davis is motivated. People called him soft, remember? He is coming back stronger than ever. It’s showtime! We are ready for some real basketball.