Patriots Fans Will Love Deion Sanders’ Trade Advice For Julio Jones

The New England Patriots packed the roster with talent, but there’s still room for improvement. Head coach Bill Belichick selected a nice group in the offseason. He brought the best free agents in New England and selected talented players in the 2021 NFL Draft. Mac Jones joined the team in the first round of the draft. The Patriots lost a few players this offseason, too. Veteran Julian Edelman decided to call it a career. In other words, the Patriots need a veteran wide out. They need someone who knows their job. Patriots fans would love to see Julio Jones at Gillette Stadium wearing a Pats uniform. Is that even possible?

The Patriots have been linked with the veteran in multiple occasions. They may get the elite wide receiver through a trade. The Atlanta Falcons plan to get rid of the veteran and he is all-in when it comes to leaving the franchise.

Patriots fans celebrate the potential addition of Julio Jones

Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has something to say about Jones’ potential deal with the Patriots.

Sanders advised the wide receiver to join the Patriots. A good advice, right?

“If I?m @juliojones_11 I?ve got to go to a winner which means a playoff team or a team that traditionally wins like @Patriots. I would be careful of going to a cold climate city when you?ve always played in a dome. That matters tremendously. I?m helping u narrow it down. #Truth”

Sanders is a Falcons legend. He told Jones to join the Patriots but also advised him to stay away from a “cold climate city.” What does that mean?

Atlanta may trade Jones anywhere. He can reject the opportunity if he doesn’t want to play for the team that gets him.

Belichick can use an elite wide receiver like Jones. He has the money to get him. The Patriots will have to do a minimal transaction to fit the wide receiver under the cap. Need more? New England has an open spot on the roster.