Anthony Davis Has Eye-Opening Update On Groin Injury

The Los Angeles Lakers lost a lot of games due to injuries. Big man Anthony Davis suffered a groin injury in the NBA playoffs, and there’s an update on his condition. LA left the playoffs right away and players entered the offseason a little too early.

According to this update, Davis’ injury may have been more serious than you first thought.

Anthony Davis has enough time to treat his injury

In a recent interview, the All-Star said he is still treating his groin injury. It’s been three weeks now and he still recovers. AD said he has been rehabbing and playing video games. The superstar can’t do much right now.

“What are we in, about three weeks since the last game? Something like that, Game 6,” said AD, via USA Today. “I’ve been doing nothing. Rehabbing, you know, getting the groin right, playing video games. I’ve really been doing nothing. I mean, like you said, we’re starting to open now, so it’s not much you really can do. I’m a homebody anyway so I stay in the house anyway just playing video games, relax with the family, spend some time with my daughter. I have a son on the way so I’m waiting on that, and just trying to stay active and get ready for next season.”

Yes, Davis’ injury was pretty bad. His short appearance in Game 6 made everything worse. AD reaggravated the injury.

LA didn’t do much without AD. Davis had to play his best basketball in order to take the team to the top. In Games 2 and 3, AD hit 34 points and double-digit rebounds per game with the Lakers. In his other three games, AD was limited to 19.

Davis missed Game 5 due to an injury. LA finished the series 4-2 and put an end to their NBA title defense. Davis has enough time to rest and recover. He will work on his condition and yes, he is already getting ready for the next season. Lakers players can definitely do much more than this. LeBron James is here to lead them to the top again. Hopefully, he and AD will be able to stay healthy.