Lakers Explain LeBron James Leaving Early During Loss to Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a huge loss to the Phoenix Suns in Game 5. Things got really hot during the game and players struggled to score. LeBron James had a hard time coping with the loss to the Suns. That’s what Skip Bayless says.

The four-time NBA champion made his way to the locker room with over five minutes left of the game. Bayless didn’t like any of this and he bashed LeBron for his move.

“Here we go again. The Drama King leaves the bench with 5:40 left in this blowout and walks quickly up the tunnel to the locker room. Guess he doesn’t want to sit through the rest of this embarrassment like his teammates have to. Guess he doesn’t want to be associated w this shame”

“LeBron walked off the court and into the locker room with 6 minutes left. I don’t care if you’re losing by 100, you stay on the bench with your team,” another critical tweet read. “You win as a team and lose as a team.”

LeBron James had to leave the loss to the Suns

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel explained the whole situation. According to him, the superstar had to start his treatment and treat his body so he can get ready for Game 6. There’s no room for panic here and Bayless should watch his words.

“LeBron had to start his treatment. It doesn’t do any good for him to sit over there without getting worked on and beginning the treatment as soon as possible to help him get ready for Game 6,” Vogel told reporters.

Guys like Bayless believe that LeBron will be eliminated in the first round. LeBron hasn’t been in a similar situation. For the first time in his career, the king trails the first-round series after Game 5.

“It’s literally win or go home at that point, so you shoot all the bullets you’ve got, and throw the gun too,” James said. “I look forward to the environment. Laker faithful is going to give us a lot of energy. I look forward to the moment and the challenge.”