LeBron & AD Spark Rumors of Lakers Adding Superstar With Social Activity

The Los Angeles Lakers are making headlines again and this time the rumors are related to the current roster. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the perfect leaders for the purple and gold, but they need an extra pair of hands to win games in the 2021-22 NBA season. General Manager Rob Pelinka will soon make some new changes. According to recent rumors, the Lakers consider adding a superstar.

Who is next on the list?

Russell Westbrook may be a good fit for the team, but analysts don’t really talk about this. The former NBA MVP may not be the solution to all the problems LA has at the moment. However, the Washington Wizards may put Westbrook on the trade block. It was a disappointing season for the team and everyone is looking forward to a change.

Moving on from Westbrook’s huge deal may be a huge challenge for the Wizards. Washington may have to run things back with a new head coach. Will the Lakers try to get Westbrook? LeBron and Davis’ did something on social media that made people talk. These two started following Westbrook’s wife Nina on Instagram.

The Lakers may not consider signing a superstar at the moment

This move doesn’t mean much right now. LeBron and Davis know Westbrook really well and they are friends of the family. They decided to follow Nina at the moment and this was enough to make everyone talk.

Getting Westbrook seems like a good deal right now. Well, some would say that he is a terrible fit for the Lakers. LA needs a shooter at the moment and Westbrook is not the best shooter. The veteran shoots 30.5% from the three-point line and 43.7% from the field. Yes, Westbrook is a triple-double machine, but LA needs more than that.

Signing Westbrook makes the Lakers’ shooting problems even worse. He hasn’t proven that his brand of basketball can work on a championship-winning squad.

Westbrook is a future Hall of Famer and he is one of the best players in the NBA. But LA doesn’t need him at the moment.