LeBron James Reacts To The Floyd Mayweather Fight

The Los Angeles Lakers left the playoff run a little too early, and players can use the extra time to rest and relax. Some of them would gladly watch a good fight. LeBron James watched the thing and now he reacts to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and his fight against YouTube star Logan Paul. It was an exhibition boxing match and the king didn’t miss the chance to watch it. Similar to everyone who watched the game, LeBron was super perplexed by what he noticed in the ring.

King James took to Twitter twice during the game. He used the opportunity to compare the fight to the hit boxing video game series Punch-Out!

“Man this looks like Mike Tyson punch out!” the Lakers superstar wrote and added a few laughing emojis for extra drama. LeBron also posted a gif of Tyson knocking out Little Mac.

LeBron James reacts to the Mayweather fight just like any fan

Many would agree that the fight looked like a game of Punch-Out! Logan delivered a few punches but he did little damage to the boxing legend despite the huge size difference.

Also like the game series, he went down in one hit as one of the video shows. Mayweather did an amazing job and kept him upright.

Fans didn’t get what they wanted out of the fight. Well, it wasn’t really a fight. Mayweather and Paul weren’t knocked down. Fans had tons of fun in the night and we bet LeBron wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. The king decided to have some fun. I mean, he deserves this after all.

Mayweather and Paul got what they wanted. They are probably the only people that got what they want during the fight. These two are due for massive paydays that may hit nine digits for this particular show.

Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul is going against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Fans hope that this match would be less like Punch-Out!! People want an actual boxing match.