Look: Jay-Z and Meek Mill Get Robert Kraft Expensive 80th Birthday Gift

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is celebrating his birthday and Jay-Z seems to have the perfect present. I’d definitely love to get one of these. One doesn’t get a Bentley every day, right? The man is a billionaire but he got really excited about the great gift. It’s definitely a pricey one.

Jay-Z and Meek Mill came up with the idea and they joined forces with other guys from the organization. Mill took to his Instagram account to share the big news.

Robert Kraft got people talking about his birthday present

Dan McQuade of The Defector said this vide made his “head explode.”

“I cannot stop thinking about this video; I have stopped trying to think about anything else. It opens with Rubin telling Kraft, ”We knew you wouldn’t get it yourself.” This is what I told my mother when I got her the nice electric kettle, the one all the Consumer Reports knockoff sites recommend, for Mother’s Day. Is Robert Kraft like my mom? Would he have just bought the cheapest kettle? Without Rubin, Meek, and Jay-Z would Kraft be puttering around town in a 2003 Mazda Protege?”

Podcaster Nate Lopez had an interesting reaction, too.

“Finally, Robert Kraft got that Bentley. Good things for good people. Jay-Z and Meek Mill out here doing the Lord’s work. Anyways, I lost $60 in cash yesterday and I had a panic attack! Good times. Good times.”

Jay-Z, Meek and Kraft became friends many years ago. They worked together on a new justice reform system. The trio was also together at the Grammy’s in 2015.

True Car reports that the price of the Bentley goes from $190,000 to $400,000. Jay-Z and Mill paid a lot of money for the ride and we bet Kraft will enjoy every bit of it.

Kraft and the New England Patriots are in rebuilding mode and head coach Bill Belichick is doing his job. He made a big splash in free agency and the Patriots had great success in the offseason. Let’s see how will the team handle the upcoming season.