Magic Johnson Has Another Star In Mind For The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers won the title last season, but they failed to deliver this time. The Phoenix Suns eliminated LeBron James and his teammates in the first round of the NBA playoffs. What’s next on the list? Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has to make a decision. He signed a bunch of players last season, but they played terribly. Things look a lot different now and Pelinka may take a different approach. Magic Johnson believes that one particular NBA star can help the Lakers win a title next season.

Johnson was one of the greatest point guards of all time. He was brilliant in the 1980s. About 30 years later, Johnson is doing his best to help the team sign another great ball-handler. Let’s not forget that Johnson helped the Lakers sign LeBron James. He had a big say in the process.

Magic Johnson as a star option for the Lakers

The Lakers are looking for top players in free agency. LeBron and Anthony Davis will need more help this summer. These two did an incredible job with the team but they need someone like Chris Paul. What does Johnson say about this?

The 36-year-old was part of the Phoenix Suns in 2021. The team hasn’t made the postseason in more than a decade. We have seen Paul play. He leads his team 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

Paul is in the final guaranteed season of his deal. Phoenix will try really hard to keep him around. He may exercise a $44 million player option. If Paul doesn’t do this, LA may jump and get him.

“No question about it,” Johnson responded on ESPN LA 710 FM, when Jay Williams asked if he thought Paul could be a piece for the Lakers, if he declines his player option with the Suns. “I’d tell Jeanie [Buss] I’d ask some money for CP3. It’d be perfect for LeBron, for AD, and for the role players.”