Montrezl Harrell Makes Serious Plea Amid Personal Struggles

The Phoenix Suns pushed the Los Angeles Lakers away from the first round of the NBA playoffs. Lakers players struggled on the floor and some of them missed too much time due to injuries. Montrezl Harrell joined the team in the offseason but had some struggles to deal with.

Harrell is a vocal figure on and off the court. The Lakers big man likes to express himself even when it comes to his personal issues.

The talented player voiced out some of his emotions lately. He likes to talk about all the great things that happen in his life. He also talks about his struggles. Harrell is not someone who complains all the time. He just wants to vent his emotions rather than keep those words to himself.

LA Lakers support Montrezl Harrell in his struggles

We don’t really know much about Harrell’s problems at the moment. What was he talking about? He is still trying to get over the loss of his grandmother. Yes, Harrell was really close with his grandmother. He lost someone who is really dear to him.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss saw the tweet and delivered an emotional message for the talented player. Buss wrote a heartfelt message as he struggles with his own problems.

Harrell had a big role with the Lakers in the regular season. He was averaging 13.5 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. Well, his role was reduced in the playoffs. Harrell was healthy but he didn’t play much. He played in just four of their six games against the Suns, failing to play just 10 minutes on average.

Harrell will have enough time to rest and relax in the offseason. Hopefully, he will use this time to rest and recover. The Lakers will need him on the floor and yes, Harrell needs to do his best to give his team a good performance.

LA missed the chance to make the Finals this season and players will come back stronger than ever in the upcoming season. Of course, some of them will have to go.