Patriots Insider Predicts Chance Stephon Gilmore Stays In New England

The New England Patriots have added a lot of talent in the past few months. Head coach Bill Belichick got some great guys in free agency and he did a wonderful job in the NFL draft. A lot of new players joined the team. What does that mean? Some of the current players will have to leave the team. Stephon Gilmore has been making headlines lately, and he may soon leave New England. Or not?

Gilmore didn’t join his team during summer workouts. Some NFL analysts say that Gilmore won’t be around in 2021. However, we can’t really say that he is already out the door.

The former Defensive Player of the Year may not join the team in training camp in a month. He is a pending free agency who needs a better deal. It looks like Gilmore will try to get a new deal. Maybe the Patriots will trade him.

Stephon Gilmore may stay in New England

Mike Giardi from NFL Media say that Gilmore will suit up for the team in Week 1.

“So, I’m thinking he’s not showing up for the beginning of training camp,” Giardi said Saturday morning on WEEI. “They’re going to be fine with it because they’re going to let it play out, if J.C. (Jackson) can handle it, they’re going to find out J.C. can’t handle it. I’m going to go, let’s say 73 percent he is starting Week 1.”

Of course, Giardi is speculating. He doesn’t reveal the source. Well, there’s still room for optimism for the Patriots and Gilmore.

How will New England handle this? Will Belichick keep Gilmore around for another season? He is a talented player and may the Patriots will give him some extra cash to keep him around.

Let’s see what happens next in the offseason. Patriots players are getting ready for training camp and Belichick is happy with the current roster. Maybe he will make a few more changes. There are so many opportunities for the team right now. Belichick will make the right move for his team.